Qatar calls for complete halt to Israeli aggression against Gaza


Following a UN-backed ceasefire plan, the Qatari prime minister has emphasized the need for a permanent solution to the ongoing Israeli onslaught in the besieged Gaza Strip rather than simply “temporary measures.”

Sheikh Mohammed said during a press conference in Doha on Wednesday that there was a clear and firm call to end the war in Gaza.

“We are witnessing a shift in this conflict in the recent period and there is a clear and firm call to end this war”, the premier was quoted as saying.

The Qatari premier said that a “just solution” to the war on Gaza should pave the way towards the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani made the remarks during a joint press briefing with the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, in Doha.

The US top diplomat, for his part, addressed Hamas’s response to the UN-backed ceasefire plan. Blinken said that some of Palestinian groups’ requested amendments are workable, but some are not.

Blinken also added that there is ‘no guarantee’ that a possible ceasefire agreement will come through.

The US secretary of state met with the Qatari prime minister to discuss Gaza ceasefire talks after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad submitted a response to a UN-backed proposal to the mediators in Qatar and Egypt.

Hamas has already welcomed a Security Council vote to adopt a resolution backing a ceasefire. But Hamas says its demands must be met, including a permanent ceasefire and a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces.

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