Larkana Police arrested two people in for stealing mobile phone tower


Sindh police have arrested two suspects in connection with the theft of a private company’s mobile phone tower in Larkana district, an official statement informed Saturday, saying that part of the scrap of the stolen tower had been recovered.
The statement said a case had been registered at the Naudero Police Station in Larkana following a complaint filed by the regional security manager of Telenor Pakistan about the theft of the tower.
“The suspect nominated in the case, along with a scrap dealer, was caught and arrested,” the statement continued. “Some of the stolen material was also recovered.”
It added that investigations had revealed the tower had not been used for nearly six months.
The statement mentioned that Muhammad Rakhiyal Abro, the owner of the private land where the tower had been installed, said after his arrest that the mobile company had not paid rent to him or salary to the watchman during this period.
“Rakhiyal said individuals claiming to be Telenor company’s employees approached him about a week ago, saying the company had decided to shut down and remove the tower,” it said.
A police official informed a portion of the scrap of the stolen tower had been recovered and a scrap dealer, Saadullah Brohi, had been taken into custody.
“The recovered scrap weighs around 20 maunds [746.5 kilograms], while an equal amount of scrap remains to be recovered,” Station House Officer of Naudero Police, Shahid Memon, told Sindh Post.
According to the police complaint, the incident occurred earlier this month on June 7, and the stolen tower valued about Rs2 million.

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