Efforts underway to restore water supply to canals by activating Sukkur Barrage, Jam khan shoro

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Sindh Irrigation Minister Jam Khan Shoro announced on Monday that concerted efforts are underway to restore water supply to the canals by expeditiously activating the Sukkur Barrage. Farmers and agriculturalists in the region facing severe water scarcity due to damage to the barrage’s gates have taken sigh of relief after the minister’s statement.

Jam Khan Shoro has assured that the necessary repairs and maintenance work were being carried out on a war footing to ensure that the barrage is restored to its optimal functioning level.

He has also directed the concerned authorities to take all necessary measures to minimise the disruption to water supply and ensure that the canals are replenished at the earliest.

The prompt action was expected to bring relief to millions of farmers in Sindh, who are dependent on the water supply from the Sukkur Barrage for their crops.

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