Trade activities between Pakistan, Afghanistan revived

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The commercial activities between Pakistan and Afghanistan through Chaman-Spin Boldak border have been restored.

On November 16, 2023, Pakistan declared the end of the document regime for entry and exit on the Pak-Afghan border, after which local people began protesting.

Due to the protest, the border remained closed for almost 4 months, and many local workers became unemployed. Considering this issue, efforts from the government and the Pakistani army led to the melting of snow.

On February 17, empty vehicles and on February 27, cargo-carrying vehicles started crossing the border. With the revival of trade on the border, employment opportunities and a poverty reduction are expected for the local people.

Residents of Chaman city say that the Pak-Afghan border, which was closed for 5 months, has now been opened with the help of the government and the Pakistani army. The difficulties that existed for the past 5 months are expected to decrease now.

A city resident mentions that due to the efforts of the government, over 4,000 empty vehicles have been released. We are very grateful to the government and the Pakistani army. The decision to lift the border closure is positive for Pakistan and Balochistan. Business activities have resumed throughout the city.

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