Sindh: after 25 years canal water tax (abiana) increased.

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After 25 years in Sindh, water tax of canal water has been increased, water tax has been increased by 100% for agricultural users.

Abyaniya tax on canal water was last imposed in 1999. After the notification of the Sindh Agriculture Department, the Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority also issued a notification.

Water tax has been increased for all consumers, domestic, industrial and agricultural. The price of water for domestic consumers has been increased from 50 paise per thousand gallons to 4 rupees per thousand gallons. For industrial consumers, the rate has been increased from Rs 1 per thousand gallon to Rs 8.

Canal water tax has been increased by 100% for agricultural consumers. The new price for sugarcane cultivation is Rs 363 per acre, rice cultivation is Rs 177, and cotton cultivation is Rs 186 per acre.

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