PPP submits reservations to ECP over election results system


ISLAMABAD: The People’s Pary has submitted its reservations with regard to the election results system in writing to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Sindh post has received a copy of the letter written by the PPP-Parliamentarians to the election commission.

“We are bringing our serious objections to your notice with regard to the new system
of election results, the EMS,” the letter read.

“The election commission had rejected the use of WhatsApp in the parliamentary committee session saying it would have Internet problems,” according to letter. “When the WhatsApp will face problem, the new App would likely to have more problems,” the PPP writes.

“The use of the EMS App will compromise transparency of the election,” PPP argued. “We demand the use of WhatsApp for sending election results instead of the new application,” PPP said.

“The Presiding Officers sending election result to the ROs, should also send it to the candidate and election agents,” PPP suggests.

The party recommended formation of WhatsApp groups, where polling complaints should also be shared.

The PPP has expressed apprehension that the new election results system will be a repeat of the RTS imbroglio, which was used in 2018 election.

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