Pakistan applauds Turkiye’s role in defusing Pak-Iran tensions

International National

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information,Murtaza Solangi, has commended the constructive role played by friendly countries, especially Turkiye, in de-escalating the recent tension between Pakistan and Iran.

In an interview with International news network, he said that the situation has largely returned to normalcy due to the effective measures taken by the government of Pakistan and state institutions. However, he emphasized that the goodwill gestures and continuous contacts by friendly countries are highly appreciable.

The Minister highlighted that, as a responsible nuclear power, Pakistan fulfilled its duty and normalized the situation. He explained that it was not possible for Pakistan to refrain from responding to the aggressive action, leading to a proportional and well-measured response.

According to Information Minister, this response has sent a clear message that whether the aggression against Pakistan comes from a small or a large country, Pakistan will not remain silent and will respond accordingly. He added that this has also bolstered the confidence of the Pakistani people in the state and its institutions.

Murtaza Solangi mentioned that Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan maintained close contact with the foreign ministers of both Pakistan and Iran. He further stated that Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbasi Jilani, welcomed the Turkish Foreign Minister’s efforts and message of goodwill. Pakistan continues to be in contact with Turkiye and China, who are actively contributing to ongoing diplomatic efforts in this regard.

The Minister reiterated that the strong relations between the government and people of Pakistan with the government and people of Turkiye are a valuable asset for Pakistan.

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