NICVD’s Chest Pain Unit programme receives global acclaim

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The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) has received international acclaim for its pioneering Chest Pain Unit programme, hailed as a game-changer in expediting heart attack care.

Former NICVD executive director Prof Nadeem Qamar presented this groundbreaking initiative at the 75th annual American College of Cardiology meeting in Atlanta, where it garnered widespread recognition from the global cardiology community.

Prof Qamar, representing the NICVD, showcased the institution’s innovative Chest Pain Unit (CPU) programme at the prestigious 75th annual American College of Cardiology meeting. This event stands as one of the foremost gatherings of cardiovascular specialists worldwide, offering a platform for presenting cutting-edge research and advancements in the field.

Presenting at the late-breaking science session, reserved for studies of significant impact on global healthcare, Prof Qamar underscored the pivotal role of the CPUs in revolutionizing heart attack care.

He particularly highlighted the programme’s cornerstone initiative of providing free-of-cost primary angioplasty, a service that has transformed the landscape of heart attack treatment in the region.

Additionally, he acknowledged the crucial support extended by the government of Sindh for enabling the programme’s success.

The Chest Pain Unit programme received resounding praise and appreciation from the international cardiology community, with renowned experts lauding its effectiveness and advocating for its adoption in regions facing similar challenges. The programme’s success serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illustrating the potential for impactful healthcare initiatives to transcend borders and make a profound difference in communities worldwide.

Officials said the NICVD Karachi has emerged as a beacon of excellence in cardiac care, particularly through its innovative Chest Pain Units.

These specialized units are dedicated to the prompt assessment and management of patients presenting with chest pain, a common symptom of various cardiac conditions, including heart attacks. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by highly skilled medical professionals, the CPUs ensure rapid diagnosis and initiation of life-saving interventions such as Primary Angioplasty.

The CPUs follow a streamlined protocol, swiftly triaging patients and administering appropriate treatment based on the severity of their condition. Through this approach, the NICVD has significantly reduced door-to-balloon times, crucial for optimizing outcomes in heart attack patients. Moreover, the institution’s commitment to providing free-of-cost services ensures that even underserved populations have access to high-quality cardiac care.

As a result of its pioneering efforts, the CPUs have garnered widespread recognition both locally and internationally, positioning Karachi as a hub for advanced cardiac care. With its dedication to excellence and innovation, the NICVD continues to set new standards in cardiovascular medicine, saving countless lives and improving outcomes for patients with cardiac emergencies.

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