Nawaz vows to reverse all wrongs after winning polls


SIALKOT: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Quaid Nawaz Sharif said on Sunday that after his unlawful removal from the office in 2017, Pakistan faced a host of problems and difficulties like price hike, rise in unemployment and economic decline.

Addressing a gathering at the Jinnah Stadium here, Nawaz said that after winning the elections on February 8, PMLN would reverse all wrongdoings committed after 2017, in order to put the country on the road to progress and prosperity again. He said before he was ousted, the price of dollar, electricity, gas, bread, sugar, petrol and many other necessities of life was cheaper and within the purchasing power of people. But currently their prices have increased many times. Nawaz said he would have to work hard, along with the nation, to improve the situation.

He promised that after winning the elections a much better train service between Sialkot and Lahore would be launched while the present Sialkot-Lahore Motorway would be further improved.

News Desk adds: PMLN President Shehbaz Sharif, addressing the gathering, said the tiger [party’s election symbol] would roar on February 8, while political rivals would hold ‘mourning processions’ after suffering crushing blows.

PMLN Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz asked people to vote for her party to witness prosperity in the country. Addressing the public gathering, she said, “The PMLN served Sialkot in the real context and that is why the people of Silakot love the party.”

Maryam heaped praise on the people of Sialkot, saying, “We are thankful to Sialkot as the people of the city are quite loyal.”

“Your fate is progress, scholarships, and education in colleges and universities. However, holding sticks and petrol bombs is not your fate.” She said the tiger would ensure the country’s progress.

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