Katcha Operation: Three sukkur hostages safely return

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KANDHKOT: Three Sukkur residents taken hostage in Karampur area of Kandhkot have returned their homes.

Three labourers Sohrab Shaikh, Mir Khan and Ali Sher, who went to Karampur for labour work, were kidnapped by bandits from their workplace in night.

Sindh’s katcha area bandits released a video of the three hostages earlier in which they were pleading their families to pay ransom to dacoits for their freedom.

The hostages who worked at private construction company were abducted a month ago by the bandits.

The viral video shows the dacoits beating up the hostages as they were pleading their families to pay ransom in exchange of their freedom.

According to police, all three workers hailed from Sukkur city of Sindh and were abducted last month by the katcha area bandits within the jurisdiction of Karampur police station.

Poor families of three hostage workers had appealed kidnappers for their release.

Three abductees Sohrab Shaikh, Mir Khan and Ali Sher have safely returned to their homes.

Police has said that the hostages have recovered safely after police operation in the area.

The districts of upper Sindh recently facing an upsurge in kidnapping for ransom and other serious crimes.

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