Electricity production started from 150 MW solar plant installed in Sukkur


Pakistan’s Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) has started generating electricity from a solar power plant established in Sukkur, the third largest city of Sindh, in cooperation with the Norwegian solar company Skytic.

The work on the above mentioned solar power plant was started at the end of 2021 and the Norwegian company Scitic said at the beginning of February that the solar plant is ready for work and now the production of electricity has started from there.

Under the 25-year agreement with the Central Purchasing Power Agency (CPPA), the power plant will generate about 300 GW of electricity annually and will meet the electricity needs of 150,000 households.

This solar plant will meet the energy deficit in the province and ensure uninterrupted power supply to the local people.

This public-private partnership project will play an active role in generating clean energy as well as mitigating climate change.

The electricity generated from the solar power plant will also be provided to households in Sindh and other provinces.

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