Chairman IRSA appointment; Federal Gov should take the issue to NA, Murad Ali shah


Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that the federal government should take the issue of appointment of Chairman IRSA to the National Assembly.

The law and order problem worsened during the caretaker government. Talking to the media in Karachi, Murad Ali Shah said that an ordinance was passed in the caretaker government, which amended that a representative of the federation would be a member of IRSA.

He said that our cabinet has been completed, the cabinet was also briefed on law and order, People’s Party supports the PML-N, he became the chief minister for the first time in 2016. At that time asked Asif Zardari that how should I work with him, Zardari Sahib said that you should meet and work with him for the betterment of the province.

Murad Ali Shah said that I also tell Ali Amin Gandapur that Work for your people, Ali Amin Gandapur must raise your voice for your right. Sindh Chief Minister said that GDA and Azad candidates were not standing in the whole of Sindh, GDA knew that they would lose the election, I take the form 45 guarantee of my MPA, in my constituency G. Most of DA’s polling agents were not present.

He said that the law and order situation in Sindh is satisfactory, the law and order situation has worsened during the caretaker period, the law and order situation is our first priority, hopefully. The new finance minister will play an important role to get the country out of trouble, I am looking at the case of inter board chairman Naseem Memon, there is no minister in the department of universities and boards yet, I am looking at it

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