Center has approved MoU with Sindh for construction of high-rise buildings at government quarters.


Federal government has approved MoU with Sindh for construction of high-rise buildings at old government quarters land.

The memorandum of understanding will be signed among the Ministry of Housing and Works, Sindh Local Govt department and the KMC.

The sides will launch reconstruction at Jahangir, Martin, Clayton and Pakistan Quarters.

Around 335 acres of precious land has been declared vacant in the middle of Karachi city as old government quarters have reached to dilapidated condition.

Caretaker Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar has said that these quarters were allotted to the federal government employees at the time when Karachi was the federal capital.

After shifting of the capital to Islamabad the quarters were not taken back from federal employees, CM said.

“Most of the quarters have now been in possession of other family members of the employees,” Maqbool Baqar said. There are reports that some quarters have been sold, no resident have allotment or title deed available,” chief minister said.

He said, the vacant land will be pointed out for launching of the pilot project. “A Green Zone and commercial area will also be built along with quarters,” he said.

“The project will be invested under the public private partnership mode,” he said. “The residents will be allocated 40 percent of the constructed houses. All residents of quarters will be shifted to new residential buildings at any cost,” he said.

“After their shifting, the power of attorney will be transferred to them,” chief minister further said.

Commercial zone will be formed to generate economic activities, he said. “After formation of the plan phased implementation of the project will be responsibility of the third party,” he added.

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