Bilawal declared the intention to connect Tharparkar to Karachi through train service.


Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto announced plans to commence train services from Tharparkar to Karachi.

During his address at a gathering in Chachro Tehsil, Tharparkar, PPP Chairman Bilawal outlined the key initiatives and plans for the region.

He declared the intention to connect Tharparkar to Karachi through a dedicated train service, which not only enhances connectivity but also facilitates the transport of coal to Karachi.

Bilawal Bhutto further stated that the railway would not only benefit Karachi’s residents but also allow those from Tharparkar to travel conveniently.

Speaking to the crowd, Bilawal emphasized the significance of the upcoming elections on February 8 and claimed that the people of Tharparkar have already made their decision.

Criticizing Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) supremo, he stated that an individual is attempting to appoint himself as the prime minister for the fourth time, adding that the PML-N leader is falsely claiming the Thar coal project.

“If he (Nawaz Sharif) initiated the Thar coal project then he was addressing the rally today,” Bilawal stated.

Bilawal urged the audience to remain vigilant in protecting the assets of the people, particularly the Karoonjhar Mountains. He affirmed that if anyone had a legitimate claim to land for business, it should be given to the local residents.

The PPP leader vowed to establish a Green Energy Park in Tharparkar if the PPP is elected and comes to power in the federal.

Bilawal emphasized the importance of supporting women economically by providing interest-free loans, allowing them to start their businesses.

In a call for unity, Bilawal urged the audience to vote wisely in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the need for a vote that supports the people’s interests rather than serving the rich.


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