ASP Shehrbano of Lahore Police met with Army Chief


ASP Shahrbanu of Lahore Police has met the Army Chief , the Army Chief praised her for rescuing the woman from the angry mob.

According to the statement released by the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army ( ISPR ), Assistant Superintendent of Police, Syeda Shehrbanu Naqvi met with Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir at the General Headquarters.

According to ISPR, the Army Chief lauded ASP Shehrbanu for her selfless dedication in the line of duty and professionalism in handling an uncertain situation.

Fearless officer Shehrbano Naqvi had safely pulled out a woman from the angry mob of Lahore’s Achhra Bazaar on 26 February 2024.

The Army Chief said that Pakistani women are playing an important role in all spheres of life, since independence, Pakistani women have distinguished themselves at home and abroad due to their ability, perseverance and determination.

The Army Chief also highlighted that women are an invaluable part of Pakistani society and respect for them is embedded in our religion as well as our social values. The Army Chief also emphasized the importance of social harmony and the need for nationwide consensus to prevent intolerance.

General Syed Asim Munir emphasized on the rule of law and said that the law should not be taken into hands while legal avenues are available for redressal of reservations and grievances. It weakens the point of view.

The Army Chief also highlighted Islam’s eternal message of benevolence and benevolence, and appreciated the sacrifices of the law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the citizens of Pakistan.

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