Israel destroys Press House building in Gaza


media professionals in different areas of Gaza, according to data from the government media office. / Photo: AP

Israel has destroyed the independent Press House building west of Gaza City, an incubator for journalists and media persons, according to local media reports.

At dawn on Saturday, the partial Israeli withdrawal from several areas west of Gaza City revealed the destruction of the Press House, an independent, non-profit, non-representative Palestinian media institution.

It was established in 2013 at the initiative of “a group of independent journalists in an effort to promote freedom of opinion and expression, support independent media, and provide legal protection for journalists in Palestine,” as stated on its website.

During its work, the institution sought to “provide an incubator for independent Palestinian media to promote freedom of opinion and expression by developing the professional performance of journalists in Palestine.”

In addition, the institution established “a network of media professionals, intellectuals, writers, and defenders of media freedom and human rights.”

In November, the Israeli army killed its director, Bilal Jadallah, by directly bombing his vehicle in Gaza City.

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