Blasts, sirens heard across Israel as Iranian missiles, drones intercepted


Air raid sirens and explosions heard in cities across Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as Israeli, US, UK and Jordanian forces shot down Iranian missiles and drones launched at the country.

Iran says it carried out the attack in response to an Israeli raid on the Iranian consulate in Syria and says the matter can now “be deemed concluded”.

In Gaza, at least 19 Palestinians were killed and more than 200 wounded in six major Israeli attacks, while in the occupied West Bank, Israeli settlers continued attacks on Palestinians and their homes, wounding at least 19 people.

At least 33,686 Palestinians have been killed and 76,309 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. The death toll in Israel from Hamas’s October 7 attacks stands at 1,139, with dozens of people still held captive.

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