We also have reservations, but we won’t block the roads, Shazia Marri


KARACHI: Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party Shazia Marri said that there are reservations about the election but we will not block the roads.

Yesterday some people told that they are with the dictator and not with democracy, it is sad to hear what they talk about martial law, if there is no solid evidence, then why are they blocking the road. shazia said

She further said that spirituality should not be brought into politics, there was a spiritual gathering of a group yesterday, people were hurt by closing the main highway, why didn’t you go to ROs?

Shazia marri said that Days after election they remembered that there was rigging, but There is also no solid evidence of rigging.

She further said that the habits of these people are corrupted, it will take time to recover, this is a era when you work, you will get votes.

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