Video of Karachi girl’s ‘forceful’ Nikkah emerges


RAHIM YAR KHAN: A video has surfaced showing Asma, a girl from Karachi who went missing and then shown up in Rahim Yar Khan, signing the “Nikkah Nama” (marriage contract).

Sources reveals the eighth-grade student and a resident of Karachi’s Abbas Town, signing the marriage contract in a simple ceremony.

The Nikkah Khawan (Qazi) said that the girl got married with her “consent” even though she did not have a national identity card (NIC) or B-form.

He said the girl claimed to be 19 years old and to be getting married of her own free will.

“I asked the girl go back to her house. She alleged that her mother wanted to sell her to an old man,” the Nikkah Khawan said. He said that he did not have any contact with the girl or her husband after the Nikkah.

“The marriage took place at my house and the girl said she was 19 years old. The ID card number of the girl was not filled on the Nikkah Nama.

A case of abduction has been registered at the Sachal Police Station in Karachi, with the police probing the circumstances surrounding the ‘forced’ marriage.

Earlier, the case took a twist with reports emerging of her ‘forceful marriage’ in Rahim Yar Khan. As per the police authorities in Karachi, the girl, named Asma, allegedly stated her age as 19 in the marriage certificate issued in Rahim Yar Khan, but the girl’s mother, asserted her daughter’s age to be between 14 and 15 years old.

The mother of the girl disclosed that the man, who allegedly lured her daughter to marriage, don’t let her talk with Asma in person nor over the phone.

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