PTI-backed Raja Azhar challenges PS-95 result in election tribunal


PTI-backed candidate Raja Azhar challenged the election result in Karachi’s PS-95 constituency in election tribunal.

Raja Azhar has filed petition in the tribunal against alleged rigging in election with Barrister Ali Tahir as his lawyer.

The candidate has pleaded that the people had given him big mandate in the Feb 8 general elections, and he has all forms 45 of the result with him.

“The election commission has declared Farooq Awan of the Pakistan People’s Party as winner in the election,” he said.

Petitioner’s lawyer Barrister Ali Tahir sought the tribunal to declare the notification of Farooq Awan’s victory from the constituency as void.

Earlier, seven contestants of the general elections including two independents backed by the PTI and five belonging to the Jamaat Islami had challenged the results of two National Assembly and five Sindh Assembly constituencies in Karachi before the election tribunals.

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