Over 600 ‘ghost employees’ found in Sindh education department


DADU: The Education Department on Tuesday declared more than 600 staff members as ‘ghost employees’ in Sindh.

According to the details, the District Education Officer (DEO) issued a formal list after the Chief Monitoring Officer (CMO) flagged the issue.

The Deputy DEO has initiated inquiries and sought responses from the relevant education officers regarding the absent employees.

Meanwhile, the list included the employees from primary, secondary, middle school teaching, and non-teaching staff members.

The DEO in his report revealed that from the period of August 2023 till February 2024 the listed employees were ghost or fugitives

In his report, the DEO disclosed that the workers listed as ghost employees or fugitives were absent from their duties from August 2023 till February 2024.

The Deputy DEO has taken proactive steps to demand explanations from officers regarding the absentee and missing employees.

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