Legal forums available for redressal of election-related complaints: Solangi


Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi on Wednesday said that legal forums are available for the redressal of complaints regarding elections.

Talking to journalists outside election commission’s office here, the caretaker minister said that any candidate can approach the legal forums if they have any complaints.

Murtaza Solangi mentioned that the Balochistan Government was making all-out efforts to resolve issues under the country’s laws. He expressed hope that the people’s difficulties would soon come to an end.

Regarding the summoning of the National Assembly (NA) session, Solangi said the summary to convene the sitting of the House would be issued with his signature. He added that legally, the session would be summoned at an appropriate time.

The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs mentioned that the Election Commission of Pakistan has to notify poll results within 14 days after the election.

He further stated that the President, under Article 91, can summon a session of the National Assembly within 21 days after elections.

He noted that these 21 days will be completed on the 29th of this month. Hence, a session of the National Assembly can be summoned at any time until the 29th of this month.

The Minister clarified that under the Constitution, any member of the National Assembly can contest for the offices of the Prime Minister, the Speaker, and the Deputy Speaker.

Uncertainty looms over Pakistan’s political future as none of the major political parties – PML-N, PPP or the PTI-backed independent candidates – secured a simple majority in the National Assembly in the February 8 general elections.

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