Karachi: 59 killed, 4,184 motorbikes snatched in April, CPLC report


KARACHI: The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) on Thursday released a report on street crimes committed in April 2024 in Karachi.

The report shows that Karachi has witnessed a decline in crime rate with 7,539 crimes in March to 5,789 in April.

According to the report, 162 cases of robbery and 4,184 cases of motorbike theft were reported in April, with 1,368 mobile phones snatched from citizens at gunpoint.

Additionally, 15 cases of extortion and one case of kidnapping for ransom were reported, whereas 59 citizens lost their lives in various incidents during last month.

In the last four months, 28,416 major crimes were reported, with 62 citizens losing their lives due to robbery resistance.

Furthermore, 535 cars and 20,152 motorbikes were stolen or snatched, and 7,470 mobile phones were snatched from citizens by the end of April.

The report also highlights that 40 cases of extortion and six cases of kidnapping for ransom were reported during this period, with a total of 213 citizens killed in various incidents.

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