Imran Khan being an unripe politician has become witness against himself, caused trouble for himself, says Murad

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SEHWAN : Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said the extent of Imran Khan’s political acumen was an open secret, therefore he has turned a witness against himself in the cypher case and Tosha Khan and caused trouble for himself.

This statement was made by him to the media after offering fateha at his father’s Mazar on his 17th death anniversary in Wahur on Sunday.

In response to a question about the expected release of PTI Chief Imran Khan, the CM stated that he has also heard about the news through the media. He added that despite the unprecedented support and power Imran Khan had enjoyed, he could not deliver and instead pushed the country towards a serious economic crisis. Imran Khan is the only prime minister in the history of the country who was removed through a vote of no confidence.

The CM also remarked that the extent of Imran Khan’s political acumen was an open secret, and everyone was well aware of it. Imran Khan has admitted all his blunders, and he is a witness against himself in the Cypher case and even in the case of Tosha Khan, where he said he had sold the wristwatch. The CM went on to say that Imran Khan was creating trouble for himself.

Despite all the support and backing he received, Imran Khan lost them within a few weeks and months. The courts are hearing his cases, and they can give him relief, said the CM.

When asked about the recent rally of six parties, Murad Shah explained that these six parties had participated enthusiastically in the recent election, but the people of Pakistan did not choose to vote for them. He also mentioned that two condolence meetings are held every year on April 4 (this year on April 14) and December 27 at Garhi Khuda Bux. Similarly, other parties have the right to form alliances, hold public meetings and express their point of view, but it is ultimately up to the people of Pakistan to decide which party or alliance will succeed.

Earlier, the chief minister paid a visit to his late father Syed Abdullah Shah’s Mazar, offered fateha and laid a chadar before heading to his residence where he arranged Quran Khwani for his father.

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