Free travel announced for women on pink bus service


Sindh government on launched two new routes for its women-exclusive pink bus service, accompanied by a announcement of two months of complimentary travel.

In a ceremonious inauguration event led by People’s Party Member of Sindh Assembly, Faryal Talpur, the new routes, christened ‘R3’ and ‘R9’, were unveiled to the enthusiastic response of commuters.

Route ‘R3’, stretching from Chowrangi North Karachi to Nasir Jump Korangi, and ‘R9’, connecting Gulshan-e-Hadid to Tower, promise enhanced connectivity and accessibility for women across diverse locales of the bustling metropolis.

Adding to the celebratory ambience, the event saw the induction of ten new pink buses to bolster the service’s fleet, symbolizing the government’s commitment to prioritizing women’s safety and convenience in public transit.

Notably, the Sindh government’s gesture of goodwill manifested in the declaration of two months wherein female commuters can avail themselves of the pink bus service free of charge.

Moreover, the occasion witnessed a symbolic empowerment moment as Faryal Talpur presented licenses to four women drivers, underlining the progressive strides being made towards gender inclusion and employment opportunities within the transportation sector.

In a statement during the ceremony, Faryal Talpur lauded the concerted efforts of Senior Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon and the provincial government, expressing gratitude for their unwavering commitment to advancing women’s welfare and mobility in Karachi.

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