Didn’t need “four but just one term” to accomplish all the 10 points of his manifesto, Bilawal Bhutto

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Punjab will be the battleground between ‘arrow’ and ‘lion’ — the electoral symbols of PPP and PML-N — in the upcoming elections, but it will not be based on revenge, hatred and further divisions in society, as people will bury the politics of vindictiveness and align with the progressive manifesto of PPP on February 8.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari expressed these views while addressing a public meeting at the Hockey Stadium here on Monday.

With focus of his electioneering on south Punjab these days, the PPP chairman has already addressed party workers and supporters in Muzaffargarh and Rahim Yar Khan and is scheduled to hold power show in Multan on Jan 26.

People demand a bright future, one free of vindictiveness and victimisation of the past, and this is what his party is offering, Mr Bhutto-Zardari told a large crowd of his supporters who chanted Jeay Bhutto. He thanked the audience who came to listen to him despite harsh weather.
Without naming his arch rival, the PPP chairman explained to the people that if ‘lion’ gained victory, it would bring back the politics of hatred while Pakistan couldn’t afford to progress with such a ‘narrow vision’ when society was already polarised. By sowing hatred, this division would only grow, he said.

Pakistan’s economic crisis had already worsened, as people were facing abject poverty, unemployment and inflation, he said, claiming that the PPP was the only party that could face the challenges and solve the problems faced by the people whereas other parties “lack vision and commitment”.

While referring to the healthcare facilities in Sindh, Mr Bhutto-Zardari said his government provided free health services in each district of the province.

Pledging to support the marginalised sections of society, the PPP chairman said instead of giving subsidies to the privileged class, his party would divert the amount to low-income groups. “Every year, the rich class get Rs1,500 billion in subsidies, but we will remove this cushion and help farmers and unemployed youth instead,” he added.

He said the PPP government would ensure that unemployed youth were provided soft loans, financial assistance and skill development courses they needed to help them grow. Also, farmers and growers would be given subsidies and financial support against their crops, he said, adding that the party would reform the market forces to ensure farmers get full price for their crops.

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