Caretaker CM Sindh approves inquiry recommendations against Matriculation Board Office‎


‎The caretaker chief minister approved the recommendations of the Matriculation Board Inquiry Committee, which recommended departmental action against the guilty officers of the board.‎

‎The committee said that during the investigation, no employee was found to be serious while giving the statement, while the acting controller of examinations, Mr. Imran’s statement was declared insensitive.‎

‎The committee said that no one could tell what the actual result was and how many changes were made, the original record was not provided to the committee to compare the announced results, while the committee clarified that Deputy Controller Khalid Ehsan was in office during the manipulation of the results.‎

‎The chairman of the board said that Khalid Ehsan is directly related to the process of results. While the committee said that Mr Khalid has also been appointed as a member of the investigation committee.‎

On the other hand, regarding the IT wing of the board office, it was told that the IT wing/ computer wing of the matriculation board has been completely ignored by the board administration, due to this negligence of the matriculation board, all kinds of manipulation and mismanagement started, the students had taken admission under the old software last year.

‎According to the committee, the new software calculated the total numbers of articles published this year and included them in the gazette, due to the lack of similarity of the two software, more grade grace was also not included in the gazette, the OMR system has been introduced for the first time in the matriculation board.‎

‎While the Committee on Teachers said that no training was given to the teachers involved in the examination of the examination papers, a large number of mistakes have come to light as a result of lack of training, before the new system, the company and the board administration should have given full training to the staff.‎

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