Meghan dedicating chapter to Kate Middleton in new book

Entertainment International

Duchess of Sussex and former actress Meghan Markle is reportedly dedicating an entire chapter of her upcoming book to Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate Middleton.

A report by the UK news agency The Mirror stated that Meghan Markle’s upcoming memoir will be about “women empowerment.”

The news agency added that her husband Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, advised her to avoid taking jibes at the Royals and focus on female empowerment instead.

The report quoted PR expert Ryan McCormick saying that there could be a whole chapter on Kate Middleton and her role in women’s empowerment.

“Will the Duchess of Sussex’s book about female empowerment take off?” Ryan Cormack was quoted saying in the report. “If she devotes each chapter to a different trailblazing woman and includes terrific wisdom and inspirational quotes – sure.”

He added, “Markle would get bonus points if she devoted a chapter to Kate Middleton. However, if the new book is just about Meghan and her personal reflections about success, I think it’ll underperform.”

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