Justin Bieber’s marriage with Hailey on the rocks, couple ‘fighting alot’

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Celebrity couple Justin and Hailey Bieber are reportedly having problems in their marriage as the couple are fighting a lot.

A report by the US news agency National Enquirer stated that Hailey is not taking childish behaviour of Justin well and has differences in having children also. 

The couple attended the Super Bowl on February 11 but showed different emotions at the event. Justin wanted to avoid Hailey and was getting upset over his wife enjoying Usher’s performance at the halftime show. 

“He seemed to want to be anywhere but sitting next to his wife,” the inside said. “You have to wonder why he bothered to go. He obviously wasn’t enjoying Usher’s performance, the game — or Hailey’s company.”

“And the more fun Hailey had, the gloomier Justin got!”

Moreover, Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2021, his wife suffered a mini-stroke the following year before coming down with Patent Foramen Ovale. Them being homebound created rifts between them. 

“They hardly left the house in three years. From Hailey’s point of view, they’re still spending too much time together. She’s literally sick of the sight of him!” another source said. 

However, Hailey also dislikes Justin’s lifestyle. 

“It’s like living with a kid. She can’t even stand the clothes he wears. He’s clingy and needy and she’s tired of being his nursemaid. They’ve been fighting a lot,” a source claimed. 

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