Large oil, gas reserves discovered in Sindh

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KARACHI: In a major development for the country’s economy, large reserves of oil and gas have been discovered in the Khairpur district of Sindh.

According to the details, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) claimed to have discovered large oil and gas deposits at a depth of 3762 meters in the Khairpur district of Sindh.

As per the Deputy Commissioner of Khairpur, successful exploration of new oil and gas reserves has been achieved in the Khawari block of Khairpur district.

This discovery has been officially communicated to the Pakistan Stock Exchange by OGDCL (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited).

OGDCL revealed that the initial findings in Khairpur district, specifically at Khawari one well, located at a depth of 3,762 meters, while, preliminary tests showed that a daily gas reserves of 14.3 million cubic feet. Additionally, the well yielded 93 barrels per day of crude oil.

This new discovery is expected to lead to annual savings of millions of dollars for Pakistan.

OGDCL predicts that after further analysis, the gas quality is anticipated to be 13.3 MMCFD, while daily crude oil production is estimated to reach 93 barrels.

The company emphasized that the gas discovery was made after drilling to a depth of 3770 meters.

The Khewari block in Khairpur district is owned by OGDCL with a 95 percent share, while Government Holding Private Limited holds the remaining 5 percent shares.

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